Sconi Sustainability Advantage


Carbon Neutral

Currently Carbon Neutral Certified. Australian Mines intends to maintain its Carbon Neutral certification through the life of the Sconi Project


Green Power

Utilising green/renewable power


Support Local

Local community philosophy



Dry stacked tailings system (sustainable method – no tailings dams)



Ethical/auditable supply chain


ESG is business as usual

The Sconi Project is committed to leadership on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) arising from the view that it is the right way to operate a business, while also emerging as a key consideration for our potential project financing partners. The Project will also follow the internationally recognised standard (ISO 14001) for an effective Environmental Management System.

Carbon Neutral

The Sconi Project, through Australian Mines, was the first mineral resource company in the world to be certified Carbon Neutral under the Australian Government’s Climate Active program.

The achievement of our current Carbon Neutral certification and our intention to maintain it through the life of the project is integral to building a long-term sustainable future for the Sconi Project and is consistent with behaving as a responsible corporate citizen.

Green power

The Sconi Project is expected to utilise green power (from renewables) sourced in close proximity. This clean, large scale renewable power source (solar generation with pumped storage hydro) would provide green power for the Sconi advanced battery minerals project.

Additionally, Sconi’s integrated design means power will be generated from high pressure steam that is a by-product of the on-site MHP process plant. Low-pressure steam will be directed to a steam turbine, powering much of Sconi’s on-site requirements.

Employing local, living local, buying local philosophy

Sconi has established relations with the local and regional community. The Project has received support from the Charters Towers Regional Council, Townsville Port Authority and the residents and community at Greenvale.

The development and operation of Sconi will create social and economic benefits. It is expected to create approximately 500 jobs during construction, increased trade to local service, hospitality and other industries and, when operational, create nearly 300 full time jobs and up to 400 indirect jobs-linked to the Project.

A key part of the development plan is establishing a permanent residential Sconi workforce, which includes making a positive contribution to the local community in the town of Greenvale by upgrading medical, sporting and community facilities.

Dry stacked tailings system, a sustainable method

The Sconi Project will utilise a dry stacked tailings system which is widely regarded as a sustainable method used to store filtered tailings. Although more costly compared to the conventional tailings dams method due to construction and maintenance expenses, the dry stacking method is deemed an environmentally friendly way to extract raw materials.

The dry stacking method eliminates the use of storage ponds and dams associated with conventional tailings facilities, which is an eco-friendly method to store filtered tailings. This method avoids the possibility of dam failure and long-term storage issues.

Ethical, auditable and transparent Tier-1 supply chain

The Sconi Project will support an ethical, auditable and fully transparent supply chain from a Tier-1 jurisdiction, Australia. This will include support and participation in a third-party verification and certification against a comprehensive best-practice standard that addresses environmental and social issues related to industrial-scale mines.


Australian Mines achieves industry first Carbon Neutral certification

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