Advanced battery materials

The Sconi Project is a world class, low cost, 100% owned, sustainable and ethical source of advanced battery materials in Queensland, Australia.

When Sconi is expected to come online in 2024, it will meet surging demand through the supply of its high-quality battery-grade nickel and cobalt materials to LG Energy Solution, the world’s largest producer of advanced batteries for the electric vehicle industry.

The US$1 billion project, including a 2 million tonne per annum ore processing plant for mixed nickel-cobalt hydroxide precipitate (MHP), is estimated to support 800 jobs and increase Gross Regional Product by A$2.2 billion over its 30-year life. The Sconi Project is supported by well-developed infrastructure, including easy access to the Port of Townsville, and will stand apart as a carbon neutral, secure and responsible raw material supply chain in a Tier-1 jurisdiction.

Financing discussions for the Sconi Project are progressing, and an agreement is expected on or before 30 June 2022 prior to construction commencing at the Greenvale site.

Sconi’s large scale, end to end MHP production will drive the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Sconi Project Advantage

Capital Cost


US$974 million


Supply Commencing on/before 1 July 2024

6-year (initial period): 71,000 dry metric tonnes of nickel and 7,000 dry metric tonnes of cobalt in the form of a mixed nickel-cobalt hydroxide precipitate (MHP)


Binding offtake partner

LG Energy Solution (100% production; 6+5 year term), a subsidiary of LG Chem (S&P: BBB+/Stable)


Zero CO2 emissions (Carbon Neutral certified)

Dry stacked tailings system (sustainable method – no tailings dams); utilising green/renewable power; ethical/auditable supply chain; local community philosophy


Queensland, Australia

Greenvale (220 km northwest of Townsville)


Development ready

Access to port facilities (secured), sealed all-weather roads (site to port), power grid (on site), water, telecommunications, and airport


Robust financial returns (post-tax)

NPV8%: A$817 million; IRR: 15%; Payback period: 5.8 years; Free cash flow: A$5 billion (life of mine); Operating costs: US$1.46/lb nickel (C1 cash costs, post by-product credits)


Employing local, living local, buying local philosophy

Declared a Prescribed Project by the Queensland Government

Our location

Greenvale, Queensland

The Sconi Project is strategically located at Greenvale, Queensland (220 km northwest of Townsville), well connected to existing infrastructure and supported by a large, growing and skilled regional workforce.

Carbon Neutral Organisation
Carbon Neutral Organisation

Significant job creation

Construction Hat

Construction Jobs

Tick People

Long Term Staff

Development of the Sconi Project will create significant social and economic benefits for Queensland's local and regional communities.

The Project is expected to create a total of 800 jobs, including 500 jobs during construction (2022-2024) and a further 300 jobs during its operational phase (from 2024).

We are deeply committed to the communities where we operate in through our employing local, living local, and buying local philosophy.

We have a clear path to producing the world’s most sustainable nickel and cobalt from 2024